Coast Salish Villages of Puget Sound
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Early in the 20th century T.T. Waterman and Arthur Ballard separately collected a number of stories from their informants living in the area encompassed by the map below. Watermanís work, contained in "Puget Sound Geography", an undated manuscript in the National Anthropological Archives, was much less focused on obtaining a complete story than Ballardís. The latterís work, "Mythology of Southern Puget Sound", with additional material by Greg Watson, was recently (1999) reprinted by, and is available from, the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum, North Bend, Washington.  These are the sources used to obtain the information on this part of the "Coast Salish Villages of Puget Sound" website.  Without exception, when the synopsis you access names a title for the story, the Ballard book was the source, and the complete story may be read in that excellent reference. 

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